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Mini Madams has always been committed to supporting young girls; empowerment, inspiration, confidence building, kindness and positivity are embedded into everything we do.


But we know we can do more, and in an effort to inspire more girls we have created our Girls with Dreams project.


As the saying goes Girls with Dreams become women with vision and through this project, we want to create a safe space where young girls feel empowered to talk about and develop their dreams.


Inspiring Girls with Dreams


We want to introduce girls to female role models from all walks of life.

Our diverse mix of role models come from a wide range of sectors; tech/finance/fashion/medicine/transport/sport and media

(plus many more)

They will share their stories and give advice on getting into their line of work or industry


Educating Girls with Dreams


Modern life can be complicated and overwhelming, we want to help young girls develop their confidence and resilience skills to be able to cope with the pressures of life. We will be teaming up with experts to offer sessions on, healthy relationships, emotional intelligence, self-love and confidence building.


Motivating Girls with Dreams


When we are strong in our mind and our bodies we better equipped to deal with life. Our project will offer workshops to motivate and educate on the importance of wellbeing, nutrition, and self-care.




Who can get involved?


Girls with Dreams Club is open to any girls aged between 10 and 16.

Due to COVID, our events will be virtual but as soon as we are allowed, we will be holding events at Mini Madams.

If you would like to be added to our mailing list drop us an email at

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