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Mini Madams World Book Month: Lizzie's Addition

Guess how much I love you

‘I love you right up to the moon and back’. This story reminds me so much of childhood, and I think this particular phrase is one a lot of us use, whether we know where it came from or not. It’s a book my Mum and I quote to this day! (I’m 25…).

The story is a narrative back and forth between Little Nutbrown hare and Big Nutbrown hare, just before bed, measuring their love for each other. It goes back and forth until the little hare falls asleep. A mixture of beautiful illustrations, and innocent wording, this book is definitely timeless!

I’d always recommend this as a cute way of bonding with your children, after reading, ask them to think of ways and measurements to show how much they love you…just maybe not on a bad day…you might only make it to the end of the road.

Lizzie x

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