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Mini Madams World Book Month: Libby's Addition

Ever since I can remember I have grown up reading books, from my parents reading me bed time stories to getting Jacqueline Wilson books when I was old enough to read. One book that has always been a favourite of mine has to be, Matilda.


Like most people, I didn’t know the film was originally a book, but watching Matilda being so interested in reading, helped me discover my love for Roald Dahl and the world he creates with each character.

Matilda, is a four-year-old strong-minded girl who lives in a complicated home, she’s obsessed with reading books which is why I think I was so attached to her personality, these books gave Matilda a hopeful and comforting message: You are not alone, but also you can be independent. This is where Miss Honey comes into it, she offered Matilda love and support not only as a teacher but also a mother she never had.

It’s a great story that has a happy ending. I would thoroughly recommend reading the book, if you have enjoyed the film as it offers much more imagination and background to Matilda’s life.

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