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Mini Madams World Book Month: Mollie's Addition

My favourite book when I was a child was definitely James and the giant peach, for me.


I felt this book had not only a good story with unique characters, but it had an overall positive message for the reader. The characters for me were very relatable with their complex personalities and their motivations. The book sends out the message that it doesn’t matter where you come from and who you are, if you have a dream you can achieve it with the right frame of mind.

James and the giant peach is about a young boy whose parents unfortunately pass,

James goes to live with his nasty aunties, James comes across a man who gives James some magic worms which he drops somehow manages to grow a peach from a tree that has not been able to grow anything on it for years, he climbs into the peach and that is where the story begins.

I would recommend this book to our mini madams and even our mini misters as I believe the inspiring story it tells can really have an impact on a young person’s life as it did on my own.

Let me know what your favourite book is!


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