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How To: Travel With Children

It can be hard travelling with children, whether that be driving, flying or whatever trip you have planned. We have come up with a few tips and tricks that may help make that journey a little less stressful.



Firstly, pack the snacks! Children can get cranky when they get restless, giving them healthy snacks can help keep them energized without the dreaded sugar rush – which can make a huge difference when traveling to a foreign country.


Having distractions for children to prevent boredom and tantrums can be tough. It can be difficult to keep a child entertained for hours on end but there are lots of different ways to keep them amused. Bring along colouring books, a tablet device with games or movies to watch, play games like eye spy and ‘spot the…’. With enough activities in your back pocket you are bound to keep the kids distracted.

Presents for behaving:

Another way to keep your child excited for a journey is making them aware that they will have a surprise holiday bag. The bag can contain anything from sweets, to colouring books or little toys (think Poundland/B&M) however, they can’t open the bag until they’re on the plane/in the car – fill the bag with anything to keep them entertained, giving them a selection of things to play with that they haven’t played with before as they are new.

Baby proof: A lot of mums worry about getting baby milk through the airport. To avoid these worries why not pre-order your baby milk from Boots and collect from the store in the airports departures? But remember this service is only available in selected stores.

Plan ahead:

This may be the last on our list of tips, but this is the most important. As we know, in life planning saves time, but planning with children saves peeing themselves. Plan your trips down to routine stops, if you’re driving this may be easier as you can plan what service station you will be stopping at. If you’re flying/travelling abroad, planning day trips and meal will make everything run more smoothly, giving YOU time to relax.

So there you have it, our tips for having a stress-free trip. If you have any tips that you think are helpful, comment them down below. If not, we hope you have a great trip and it runs as smoothly as possible.

Mini Madams


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