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How to make bath time fun?!

'How can I make my children enjoy bath time?' 'How to get my child to enjoy bath time?'

Common questions to google...and even in Mini Madams! Firstly...we would start of by saying, we aren't experts, but we'd love to share some tips that our Mummies of Madams live by!

These simple and effective ideas are a great way to get your mini madams and misters to start enjoying bath times, use as a treat, or every time! Whatever works for you!


1. TIME TO GLOW - this is a really great way to make bath time fun, and sensory!

- Turn off the lights!

- Have a look into some glowsticks, you can find these in pound land or on eBay!

- Glow in the dark stickers for the walls....

- Let your child decorate your bathroom themselves, so they get involved in the experience and know and understand whats happening!

2. GET ARTY! - Without the mess!

- A really effective way of encouraging your child to get into bathing and washing is through washable paint!

- Get them to write on their bodies, ask them to paint you a picture, or write their name! Then pass them a sponge and tell them to start again, this gets them into washing for themselves too!

3. GET SLIMEY! - You know they will love this one!

- Our most popular product in Mini Madams is our Slime Baff! (Just £5.00!)

- Sprinkle the magical mixture into the bath and watch it turn from water to slime! Your misters and madams will soon be jumping into it!

- After letting them play in the slimey mixture, add more water to rinse down the drains!

4. GONE FISHING! - Educational too!

- Fill up the tub with water and bath bubbles!

- Invest in a fishing net or little basket and using magnetic letters and numbers, get your madam or mister to fish for what you ask for 'Can you find me a number 7' - get them to place all the items into the basket.

- While they are concentrating on their 'Catch Of The Day' you can be giving them a little scrub and washing their hair, tell them to close their eyes while you wash their hair and see if they can pick up any letters with their eyes closed!

5. SPA TIME! - At home spa experience! - Light some candles (ensure they are out of reach!)

- Put in their favourite bubble bath, or treat them to our Pick and Mix Bath Bombs available in Mini Madams store!

- Cut some cucumber slices ready for their eyes.

- When your madam or mister is sitting comfy in their bath throne, play some spa music and get them to take deep breaths so they are truely relaxed.

- Get them to lie back and play cucumber eye patches over their eyes while, using bath lotions and washes, give them little body massages (quick circles over each area, our madam visitors love a little foot rub! Why not try this?)

- When they are ready, wrap them up in a robe and flip flops or slippers for a true Spa experience!

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