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Simple Hair Styles For School #NationalHairDay

To celebrate National Hair Day, and just because we love all things hair! We are giving away some of our top tips and styles for easy school hair styles to keep that hair away from your madams face, and as stylish as can be...without the fuss and moans (We can only hope!).

1. Space Buns!

This is our most popular up-do in Mini Madams, it's really on trend and the kids feel like mini Miley Cyrus/Little Mix girls!

How To :

1. Find the middle of the head and part a straight line making two sections of hair (it's always easier to put one side in a bobble while you work on the other side to avoid tangling on longer hair)

2. Create a high pigtail towards the top of the head and use a band to secure in place (Do the same on both sides of the head)

3. Twist the hair till it starts to coil then wrap around the bobble (this sounds harder than it is, but believe us, the hair forms the style itself)

4. Once wrapped, use bobby pins to secure into place and you have to style space buns! Voila!

2. Looped Low Pony!

This is a cute hair style which takes seconds yet looks really effective!

How To :

1. Brush hair to back of the head and secure with an elastic.

2. Loosen the pony by bringing the bobble down the neck and make a parting in the hair just above the elastic.

3. Thread the hair through the parting you have just created and pull through, you can make this tighter the same way you would with a normal pony, separating the hair and pulling to the side to move the elastic further up.

4. For longer haired madams, create another loop further down the hair by securing another elastic, following the above process.

3. The Jo Jo Bow

Kids love her, suggest this and you won't have the 'hair tantrums'. It's easy, it's just all about the bow!

How To :

1. Brush hair upwards into a high pony, secure with elastic and pull towards the side of the head.

2. Jo Jo is all about the sleek look, using a fine comb or tooth brush (clean of course) spray hair spray onto the bristles and brush over the hair to get all those fly away hairs in check.

3. For those who can braid - section off a small piece of hair and create a little braid through the pony and secure with an elastic, fun coloured or glittery elastics add to the style.

4. Using your madams favourite bow, clip right at the top off the pony to complete the look.

4. The Belle Bun

What madam doesn't want to be a princess for the day? We love this adorable style!

How To :

1. Section off the top half of the hair, from just above the top of the ear (it's sometimes easier to put the bottom half in a bobble to stop tangling on longer hair).

2. Create a pony in the middle of the hair using an elastic. Thread this hair through a bun ring and using a bobby pin, secure the bun to the head, this will make it easier for the next step.

3. Cover the bun with the hair so none of the bun is visible, using another elastic, pulled over the bun to keep in place.

4. Wrap the excess hair around the base of the bun securing into place with bobby pins.

5. Allow the bottom section of the hair to flow loose and we'd recommend on older girls only, curl the bottom for a full Belle look.


Leave a comment below if you'd like to see us create video tutorials for more hair style looks!

* please note some images are not our own but used for illustrative purposes

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