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Goodbye Mum Guilt!

Mum Guilt :


Mum Guilt is something that all mums experience, if we realise it or not. It's that feeling of worry...'Do I spend enough time with my child?' 'I never cook for my children, does that mean i'm a bad parent' 'Does my child watch too much TV?' 'I shouldn't be spending this money on myself when I have children'.

We think it's time to stop this overthinking, we're all in the same boat, we're all questioning ourselves and worry more about what other people think, than doing what feels right for us! We're all juggling life, whether we are working mums or not, there is always something we're trying to balance.

The type of 'Mum Guilt' we want to address is finding the balance of 'Me Time' in your life. We're always first to have a little complain about not doing anything for ourselves anymore, and it's so easy to say 'I don't have the time', but in reality, there is always time, and this is the reason we wanted to incorporate a salon for mums into Mini Madams.

With visiting salons ourselves, we know the panic of realising you have no child care for your appointment so having to cancel, or taking your child/buggy along to the salon with you but feeling like all eyes are on your child who doesn't want to sit still.

Mini Madams is a space for all you Mums to come along, and not feel guilty for taking time out of your day just for yourself. Bring along your children, with plenty to entertain them! Games, books and even craft workshops! While you sit back, relax and let someone else take charge of your mini madams and misters!

For a full list of the treatments we offer for adults, just click here!

So, we invite you and your pals to treat

pop into our buggy/baby/toddler space for some well deserved 'Mum-Time'...have a coffee and a chat in our cafe with your Mum's alike...whilst ensuring your Madams have enough distractions, or why not book your madams in for a pamper alongside you? See our day spa menu here.

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