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Mindful Monday : Mummy's Monday Motivation

It's so easy to get overwhelmed with to-do's as a parent. The list is always endless and it sometimes can feel like you're drowning.

So this week we are looking at mindful motivation and mind-decluttering (is that a word?) for a more peaceful and healthier lifestyle.

Here are our top tips for getting through those to do lists and keeping motivated...

To do list.

● Use positive statements and try and avoid using negative words, this makes us focus on how hard it can actually be, which sets us up for failure. Think “I want to be more healthy” rather than 'Stop eating junk food'

● Make your goals more manageable by breaking them down, whether thats into mini goals or times, for example, by 1pm you'd like to have got to Tesco and done the weekly food shop or by Tuesday you want to have finished a certain project in work. Don't think of these as deadlines, you can always change the times and dates, use it as a tool to prioritise workloads.

● Keep track of your lists, so you can see how far you've come and what you have achieved.

● Keep your list or notebook by the side of your bed. If something is playing on your mind or keeping you awake, jot down what it is, in the morning, add it into your to do list to sort. Nothing is worth loosing sleep over.

● Plan in time for you! We all need downtime, so make sure you always have on your to do list, something for you. Whether that's a trip to the shops, an extra long bubble bath, or a trip to Mini Madams! ;) (see adult treatments here)

Let us know how you get on this week in the comments section!

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