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Why is sensory good for child development?

It can be difficult being a new mum. There are so many rules and opinions out there that can often leave you feeling overwhelmed and not sure on what’s best for your child.


Smell, touch, taste, movement, balance and sound. Sensory play is an activity-based session that motivates children’s senses. Encouraging youngsters to explore gives them a natural hunger to use scientific processes while playing and creating.

In recent years Sensory play has become popular for pre-schoolers as it can really help their development process to get them prepared for their school years. Through sensory play exploring sounds and task a child can learn to adapt to certain sitatuions. One being able to block out the noise which is not important and focus on the play which is happening. Sensory play literally shapes what children believe in to be positive and safe in their brain.

Mini Madams offers Sensory play sessions every Wednesday 11:00am – 12:00pm with monthly themes such as halloween and summer.

Call us on 0151 546 9490

or visit to book on to the next sessions.

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