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What To Do On Rainy Days With Children

Rainey days can be difficult with children. It can put a stop to your weekend plans and leave you stumped on what to do. We’ve curated a few things that we think have the most success with entertaining children whilst you are busy cleaning up their mess after them.


Arts and Crafts

This can vary depending on the age ​There are lots of DIY crafts on the web for children however, you may not have all of the products in your home to recreate them. A fail-safe craft session is definitely just the simple paint and paper – you can give them something to draw and hold little competitions at whose is the best.

At home spa day

Make science fun! This is super easy, and kids love seeing bath bombs dissolve at their feet. Follow this step by step on how to create child-safe bath bombs and we’re sure you’ll have a little scientist on your hands in no time.

Watch a film

There’s nothing quite like getting cosy and watching the families favourite films together. From The Grinch to The Greatest Showman we’re sure you’ll find something everyone wants to watch. Grab the popcorn and sit back and relax whilst the peace lasts.

Build a fort – Was there anything as fun as building a fort in your living room as a child? The good news? The fort doesn’t have to be in the newly tidied living room, it can be in their bedroom. Grab sheets

Make slime

We know… it can get everywhere – BUT we have managed to get the mess under control, all you’ll need to do is get a plastic table cloth and we promise the mess doesn’t go anywhere else. Follow are step by step tutorial by clicking here for fail-safe slime.

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