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What is Galentine Day?

We all know Mini Madams is all about friendships and GIRL POWER!

So this year, forget about Valentines Day....We're all about Galentines!

What is Galentines Day?

A whole day dedicated to smothering your female friends with even more love than you usually do.

Why are we celebrating?

Mini Madams isn't all about pampering, pedicures and glamming it up! Everything we do in our childrens spa is focused around positivity, kindness and most of all...Friendship! We want to celebrate with it is to have powerful friendships around us and how girls should build eachother up rather than knocking eachother down! After all...empowered women, empower women!

How are we celebrating?

For one whole week we are offering a limited edition Day Spa!

Carry on.....

Your Mini Madams will be pampered with....

* Dessert Manicure

* Dessert Pedicure

* Galentines crafts

* Cupcake treat!

How to book?

All you need to do is pick and time and date that works for you...

Call : 0151 546 9490

Book online :

Email :

DM : @minimadamsspa

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