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10 Reasons why we Love Spring

We have finally made it through the dreary winter months! It may still be cold out and the clocks haven’t gone back yet, but that hasn't stopped us from dreaming. Here's exactly why we love Spring...

1, Warmer, sunnier weather

...well, us Brits can hope for it at least!

2. Longer days and nights

A sigh of relief. Don't forget, the clocks go forward on the 31st March. (Yes, we lose an hour of precious beauty sleep but it's worth it!)

3. Spring cleaning

Clean home = clearer mind. Stay tuned for our blog post coming soon to give you the best

spring cleaning tips.

4. Fresh, healthy foods

Most of us spend the winter months indulging on more sugary foods (thanks to the leftover Christmas chocolates) so it's time to look forward to introducing in-season foods into our diets, from strawberries to apricots and avocados.

5. More time spent outdoors

Get outside and take in that fresh air. It's time to get out more and do the things we aren't able to do in winter, from exercising to going on days out with the kids. Did we mention Vitamin D?

6. New baby wildlife

Need we say any more?

7. Easter

Sometimes it's a good excuse to have a cheat weekend and indulge on some chocolate

eggs... you deserve a treat.

8. The colourful outdoors

Flowers are in bloom, the leaves are returning to trees and birds are flying home...

it just makes that school run and commute to work a little better.

9. Massive health benefits

The list is continuous. Our moods are generally better, winter sicknesses decrease and our overall physical health benefits from spending less time indoors and being out in the sunshine.

10. Summer countdown is on

it's technically around the corner now: think BBQ's, nights spent in the garden, holidays, fun days out, picnics, festivals... so many reasons to smile!

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