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In light of the current situation regarding COVID19 things here at Mini Madams are a little bit different. We have listed below a list of rules that we will be following during our summer camp to make sure both your child and other people's children are safe. We expect you to go over these rules prior to your children's trip to Mini Madams.


- Only one adult per household will be allowed to drop the children off. Your child will follow Mini Madams hygiene rules and regulations such as hand washing, social distancing. All children will move around the spa floor following mini madams rules and current government guidelines. 


- If your child is unwell during our camp sessions and is showing symptoms of Covid19 you will be called straight away to come and collect your child - they will be separated from their bubble as soon as. Your child will not share any equipment with anybody else (slime making, colouring pens, crafts ect) Only one child per group may use the toilet at a time. Staff will be cleaning the toilet after every use. Polite warning: Where children are struggling to follow these rules we will call you to come and collect them as this would be unsafe for both themselves and everyone around them.


- If your child has sensitive skin to hand sanitiser please make sure they come prepared with their own. All lunches shall be stored separately and will need to be brought in a disposable bag. Please make sure your child brings a water bottle with their name labelled on it.


 In addition, Mini Madams will undergo a deep clean at the end of every day and table tops/chairs etc will be sanitised throughout the session to ensure hygiene levels are met to our standards. Sanitising stations will be provided throughout the spa floor and children will be required to sanitise their hands upon arrival and after each activity. 

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