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my first day spa

introduce your mini madam

to the world 

of spa days for the very first time

all dolled up

bring along your mini madam

and their favourite dolly

for this day spa like no other

unicorn shine

this day spa will leave your

mini feeling as magical

and as sparkly as a unicorn

  • spa mani

  • spa pedi

  • minis cucumber facial 

£30 for one
£50 for two

£30 for one
£50 for two

  • hairstyle & glitter for mini & dolly

  • glitter face art for mini & dolly

  • matching manicure for mini & dolly

  • sweet treat for mini 

  • unicorn hairstyle 

  • make a wish mani

  • make your own unicorn 

  • unicorn tattoo

  • meet a unicorn LOL doll

£35 for one
£60 for two

it's slime time

slime may be "banned in your house"

but it's certainly not at mini madams

best friend spa

this day spa package will be a

lifelong memory

for your mini madam and their bff

the glam squad

the ultimate day spa! including

all the best treatments

mini madams has to offer 

  • slime making workshop

  • slime mani

  • slime pedi

  • slime facial

  • BFF friendship bracelet making

  • matching mini mani

  • matching mini pedi

  • glitter face art & gems

  • matching hairstyle & glitter

  • spa manicure

  • spa pedicure

  • hot towel facial, with mask and cucumber patches

  • rainbow hair braid with glitter

  • glitter face art

  • sweet treat


£35 for one
£60 for two

£35 for one
£65 for two

£35 for one
£65 for two


for our not so mini madams this package 

is designed to boost confidence

we will guide your teen

through their first skin bar session

tween to teen

each treatment is designed to be adult and 

mini madam friendly sit back and relax while

we take care of you both

just the two of us

  • spa manicure

  • spa pedicure

  • skin tutorial & hot towel spa facial treatment

£35 for one
£60 for two

  • spa manicure

  • spa pedicure

  • spa facial with hot towel treatment

one adult
one child

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