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You are now part of party history


You have been invited to join a Mini Madams Virtual party. We are super excited to bring all our magic and sparkle to you in this incredibly unique way. To help everything go smoothly we need you to read our party prep guide. If you have any questions please talk to your party organiser. 



Step 1 – Zoom Zoom


Along with this party prep guide you will have received an E-invite with details of when the party is happening. The invite also has the party login in (meeting ID ) and password. 


We suggest you download Zoom as soon as you can.  The link will not be active until 15 minutes before the party is due to start. but it is better to download it earlier. 


Step 2- Avon calling 


Your party organiser will drop off the spa party kits to you.


.Step 3 – Its all in the prep


In addition to what we supply in your spa party kits, each party requires you to have some additional items to join in the activities in (these will be listed on the E-invite) 

Find a space with lots of room so you can lay out all the items you will need. We do advise that you cover any table or surface with a tablecloth or even a bin bag. 



Step 5 - Lets get ready to party 


Time to login and have fun, this is a brave new world for all of us. So please be patient if we have any technical glitches . We promise our party host will deliver a party full of sparkle , positivity and everything you would expect from a Mini madams party. 

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