Be part of party history with  Mini Madams...

We will treat your Mini Madams to....


£90 for 7 Minis 

Min age 6+



° ISO-breaker game

° Make your own Slime session

° DIY face glitter

° Chocolate face mask

° Kindness CAM-Walk

° Mini Madams beat the bordom booklet 

° Digital invitation

° Birthday toast

° Colour it in Birthday girl card

° Mini Madams promise

We will treat your Mini Madams to....


£90 for 7 Minis

Min age 6+



ISO-breaker game ° 

Paint your own nails ° 

Decorate your own nail file ° 

Chocolate Face mask ° 

DIY face glitter ° 

Make your own friendship bracelet ° 

Kindness CAMwalk ° 

Mini Madams Positive Journal °

Digital invitation °

Birthday toast °

Colour it in Birthday girl card °

Mini Madams promise °

We will treat your Mini Madams to....


£100 for five minis

Min Age 10+



Received a full Eve Taylor teen Kit worth £20 including... ° 

Clearing Skin Wash 50ml

Clearning Skin Lotion (Toner) 50ml

Clearing Spot Gel 15ml

Anti-Shine Skin Balm 50m

Make your own DIY all natural facemask ° 

Have a private skin mapping experience with our ° 

beauty therapists who will talk you over all your new

Eve Taylor products and a step by step at home facial


Birthday toast °

Mini Madams promise °

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