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Mini Madams Mindful Mondays

Although we love to pamper your Mini Madams, we aren't just for creating confidence on the outside. We also wants to promote feeling good on the inside. This is why we are happy to be launching our Mindful Mondays campaign.

Mini Madams Liverpool

Research has been found that mindfulness can help improve children's abilities to pay attention, to stay


calm when they are upset and to make better decisions. Mindfulness means awareness. It means noticing our thoughts, our feelings and anything that is around us or happening right now. It also means taking time for oneself, and introducing a more relaxed and healthy approach to our day by tuning into what our body needs.

We want to give our Mini Madams the skills to develop their mindfulness of their inner and outer experiences, to recognise that their thoughts are “just thoughts” and to understand how emotions will manifest in their bodies to then recognise when their attention has wandered.

Each Monday we will be promoting our top tips, workshops and activities for our Mini Madam Mums to help introduce mindfulness into their lives, from the most simplest forms, to advanced techniques.

Our first step to mindfulness is for our baby/toddler madams and their yummy Mummys and Daddies. From the 17th May we will be hosting Baby Massage workshops, every Thursday from 1pm.

Benefits of Baby Massage

  • Help you and your baby understand each other better

  • Soothe babies and reduce crying

  • Aid digestion and help relieve colic, wind and constipation

  • Help babies to sleep more deeply

  • Relieve nasal congestion and teething discomfort

  • Boost the immune system

  • Improve skin texture

  • Calm and relax parent and baby

  • Boost parents’ confidence in handling their baby

Baby Massage will be hosted by Mini Madams, with Beautiful New Beginnings (

Baby Massage Liverpool

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