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Guide to Easy Spring Cleaning

Just like marmite, you either love cleaning or hate it. Let us take the pressure off you with our easy break down on how to get through the big Spring clean.

1. Make a list

Get yourself a fancy new notepad and instantly feel more organised by writing everything down that you need to do. Tick off as you go along.

2. Mini cleans

If you don't have time to do a big clean, do a mini clean by tidying anything away into a box that can be tackled or organised another time.

3. Take one room/job at a time

If there are big jobs to do in the house, don't take on everything at once- prioritise rooms, split them up to be tackled on certain days and take breaks!

4. Be ruthless!

Don't need it? Throw it away! We always keep hold of things thinking we will need them in the future, but do you really want the clutter? Be strong and get rid!

5. Think minimalistic

Coming back to the previous step, the way to a clean and minimalistic home is to de-clutter and only keep the essentials. Not only does it look tidier, it does good for our mental health to have a clean home.

6. Follow Mrs Hinch on Instagram

With over 2 million followers on Instagram, Mrs Hinch is the best inspiration to get you motivated to spring clean. Her home is sparkling through her love for organised cleaning and using inexpensive supermarket products. Noticed why everyone is obsessed with Zoflora? It's thanks to this lovely lady! (Stay tuned for a blog post about Mrs Hinch, it'll be worth a read!)

7. Get the kids to help!

Luckily they may be willing to help without being asked, but getting the kids involved is a great way to teach them respect and cleanliness. Create an easy to follow check list which is fun and simple to follow, using pictures and colour coding.

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