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Mrs Hinch: Who is she and why is everyone obsessed?

You may have heard of the term 'Hinched' floating around social media lately, or seen a mass stock of Zoflora on the end of every supermarket isle. If you don't already know, there's a new Instagram influencer on the scene, but she's a whole lot different from the rest- as she's got the country going cleaning mad!

Mrs Hinch, aka Sophie Hinchcliffe has taken over Instagram and with her 2 million followers and she's still rapidly growing in popularity. Why? Because of her addictive cleaning tips, personality and sparkling home that everyone's obsessed with. It may sound like a chore, but Sophie has got everyone excited about cleaning.

Don't just take our word for it, here are the reasons why we love Mrs Hinch and why you should follow her yourself:

- Her love for inexpensive and everyday cleaning products- Zoflora being a favourite.

- She somehow helps everyone who follows her to take more of an interest in cleaning... when you see how easy she makes it look, you'll understand.

- She talks about mental health and how cleaning as a hobby has helped her to tackle her anxiety, which is amazing!

- Her love for her family, and dog, Henry Hinch.

- The quirky names she gives her cleaning products and places around the house. Such as her cupboard under the sink, known as 'Narnia', and her 'Minky' cloth.

Want to find out more about this lovely lady? Pick up her very own book 'Mrs Hinch: Hinch Yourself Happy', filled with tips on hinching your own home and your mind!

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