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Mindful Mondays Best Apps

We understand the difficulties of getting your child to sit down after a long day in school to concentrate on mindfulness. This is why we’ve found ways you can incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life. A lot of kids are obsessed with technology these days, and although parents can feel uncomfortable with handing their children their phones, we’ve found ways that it can be beneficial for them.

There are lots of apps available to help teach children mindfulness now, we’ve wrote a list of our top 5 and what they include.

Smiling Mind: This non-profit app is great for helping children develop the awareness of whats happening in their bodies.

Headspace (for kids): Focusing on Calm, Kindness and Bedtime.

Calm: Provides mindfulness and sleep stories for children of all ages.

Three Good Things: focuses on the positives and recognising what went well today. Listing three positive things daily can train the mind to look for things to appreciate.

Insight Timer: Focusing on relaxation, managing stress, concentration and sleep.

Whether its deep breathing or guided imagery that helps you relax your mind, we're sure you'll find a meditation technique that has significant benefits to yours and your Mini Madams mental and physical health. With the help of these apps, you can really do Mindfulness wherever you go.

See you next week for some more Mindful Mondays!

Mini Madams


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