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Mini Madams World Book Month: Charlotte's Addition

Where The Wild Things Are

We all grew up with a certain book that has stuck with us. For me, that is Where The Wild Things Are. It may only contain 9 lines but every image on the page along with the next sentence creates a whole new imaginary world for a 6-year-old.


The book reflects on the frustration a child may have with their parents when growing up and wanting to escape into a fantasy world. Wild child Max creates an unknown, so much so that whilst you are reading it feel like it could exist. Not only does this book let you imagine the unknown but there are also so many messages throughout the book. However, the one overriding all is the unconditional love throughout, no matter how much Max misbehaves he knows his mother’s love will always be there. It’s such a great book that got developed into a film in 2009, which is just as fun and creative as the original.

I highly recommend this book to all our Mini Madams and Mini Misters. This book brings back nostalgia in a way that makes me feel warm inside, reminds me that unconditional love can come from anyone - your family or a fuzzy wild thing in your made-up world - and that no matter what, your imagination is your greatest escape.

Let me know what your favourite book is in the comments!

Charlotte x

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