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Mini Madams World Book Month: Sian's Addition

It’s inevitable that as we get older, we have less and less time to take the time out and immerse ourselves in a good book. When I was asked to write a post about my favourite childhood book – there was only one possible option. Jacqueline Wilson – Bad Girls!


I remember being obsessed with this book (I think I still have it on my bookshelf at home) and as someone who struggles with reading, to be able to become so attached to a book was a revelation. This book had everything my 12 year old self could relate to; Friendship, Drama, Outcasts and the protective parents. The book revolves around a ten-year-old girl called Mandy being bullied by a girl called Kim. She later befriends a wayward teenage girl called Tanya who is in foster care and battling her own personal demons.

I loved this book as it highlighted perfectly the inequalities between kids who come from different backgrounds yet showed that really – no one is better than anyone else. Yes the popular girls are clever, have all the latest fashion but this doesn’t make them a nice person. The one girl who comes from a troubled background but is welcoming to anyone but yet is happy to be strong and independent. How many of us can relate to this? Especially back in those dog eat dog high school days. Everyone is different, but kindness is universal.

Sian x

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