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Nail Polish On Children? Do or Don't?

Let’s talk nail polish!


There are parents that change their colour every 2 weeks, there is some that don’t bother… but for a lot of parents, painting their children’s nails can be a fun and harmless time bonding with each other. Children love expressing themselves with bright colours, creating a rainbow on each hand. However, although some parents have never considered this… there are chemicals in polish and using adult polish can be dangerous.

Although it’s true no studies have shown any links between polish use and health problems it’s true that toddlers often put their brightly painted fingers and toes in their mouth. Although you may try, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to stop that habit. some experts and parents think refraining from using chemical nail polishes on toddlers is the only way to go.

Mini Madams has taken this into consideration and given our parents the option. We offer a non-toxic, hypoallergenic child-friendly polish in all our manicures and pedicures which is perfect for toddlers who still put fingers in their mouth. This polish lasts a couple of days and is easy to remove, so is also perfect for not so mini madams as a weekend treat when polish is banned from schools.

We also offer an ‘adult’ polish which naturally lasts longer if your Mini Madam or Mini Mister is there for a proper pamper with our party hosts. Have you indulged in one of our children’s pamper packages yet?

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