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How To Make: Perfect Slime


At Mini Madams, we pride ourselves on our slime. It can be hard formulating the perfect slime recipe. We have lots of parents come in and tell us the horror stories that they got slime stuck in brand new carpet, or even on their mums bra! Trust us that was us at the beginning (minus the bra) until one day, we created a recipe that would not fail us. Seriously this has a 100% pass rate.

All you will need is;

- 1 cup of PVA Glue

- 1 TBS of Bicarbonate Soda

- 1TBS of coloured paint (we use washable, you’ll thank us later)

- 3 TBS of eye contact solution (ensure this has Borax in)

Watch the video below to make perfect slime. Don’t worry too much at the beginning if your slime doesn’t come together, add in 1 teaspoon of eye contact solution at a time and soon enough it will turn to slime.

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