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Things to do in Liverpool with your kids

Although we live in a super active city, it can be hard to come up with exciting things each weekend.


Mini Madams – For the pampered.

We may be biased but we know our worth and we are the perfect pamper spot for the madams who just want to relax after a hard day at school. We offer day spas which are suitable for up to 5 children and also parties for 6 children +. From Slime classes to just a good old Mummy & Me pamper. We’ve got everything.

Crosby beach – for the cultured.

For a morning family walk or a trip to see the iron men. This is a lovely sandy beach with sand dunes, cafes and miles to walk. After visiting Norway, Germany and Belgium, the statues found home in our beauty Crosby beach, The Anthony Gormley's Another Place is one of the key features for tourists visiting the city that maybe the residents tend to miss out.

Knowsley safari park – for the animal obsessed kids.

When a child sees their favourite animal in real life and their face lighting up with so much excitement and joy… is there anything better? You may have to dodge those cheeky monkeys but we’re (kind of) sure that the rhino’s, giraffes, ostriches etc wont ruin your car… all worth it for your mini madam and misters grinning smile though, hey?

World Museum – for the historians.

We have so many museums and galleries in Liverpool that we’re sure you’ll be entertained for hours. If you haven’t already make sure to check out the Museum of Liverpool, which is dedicated to the City of Liverpool’s history!

Adventure Dock co – for the adrenaline junkies.

This is such an exciting trip to Albert Dock for some serious floating fun and challenged. There are a host of Ninja Warrior-style features including the Tire Run, Ninja Jump and Dragon Tail. These will challenge your balance and nerve and if you get them wrong, you can enjoy a big splash.

This is fun for all the family as children from the ages of 8 years old can attend.

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