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Our Favourite Books about Inspiring Girls

Today is World Book Day, and tomorrow is International Women's Day- so what better way to celebrate the two with a dedicated blog post? We have picked out some of our favourite children's books starring strong female characters, as International Women's Day is all about celebrating and empowering girls.

I am Rosa Parks

(Brad Meltzer) Based on the American icon herself, 'I am Rosa Parks' is a great child-friendly read for your kids who are interested in history. It teaches kids about standing up for themselves, by telling the story of how Rosa dealt with the public bus segregation in the US. See Brad Meltzer's range of stories based on historical heroes.


(Roald Dahl) While it is mainly known for the 90s film staring Danny DeVito, iconic children's author, Roald Dahl was the inspiration behind this story- about a young girl who had special powers through her enjoyment of reading books to help her overcome obstacles.

Pippy Longstocking

(Astrid Lindgren) Pippy Longstocking is a classic story based on a girl who just wants to have fun and go on wild adventures with her friends, Tommy and Annika whilst living amongst strict adults. Your little one will never get bored reading the quirky stories of Pippy Longstocking's crazy life.

Violet the Pilot

(Steve Bren) Violet Van Winkle is a very talented girl who from a young age can fix anything. Although she is teased for it by children at school, she proves them wrong by entering into the upcoming Air Show. This story is a great read for your child to recognise that they have a talent they can use and do whatever they put their mind to.

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